Monday, May 23, 2016

My last wedding post, I promise

I forgot that I hadn't posted any pre wedding photos! I loved these moments with Tina (the bride) and Hanna (her daughter and the maid of honor). I so glad I was asked to be there to capture them. 

Hanna helps her mother with her dress. 

Getting the gown ready. 

Out there on the high dive

This is one of my favorite photos from the wedding, but it didn't fit with my other post. My new sister was the only soul brave enough to swim on a chilly, rainy May evening. She almost made it look fun. 

We'll end up a sittin' on a rainbow

When I'm photographing events that are personal to me, I sometimes (always) have trouble editing my take to a manageable number. I could have posted a lot more, but these are some of my favorite moments. I am incredibly grateful that I was asked to be both a bridesmaid and the photographer. It was fun, beautiful day. 

The bride was escorted by her son. 

The best ceremonies have laughter. 

The ceremony was performed by the groom's son. 

The fellas. 

The lovely bride. 

The happy couple. My dad has a bad habit of making faces and dancing while I am trying to take pictures. 


The groom wanted to be photographed with the "No Weapons Allowed" sign while he held his sword. 

Flowers and Banners

The little ones at the wedding were so cute, and they performed their duties so well and seriously. I'm also happy to report that neither of them went for a swim during the ceremony. 

Gwen wanted a moment with the bride. 

Relief after making it down the aisle. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016


My favorite image from the wedding rehearsal. The flower girl and banner carrier looked out for each other all weekend. 

Down the Rabbit Hole

I was recently home in West Virginia to photograph and celebrate my dad's wedding, and I managed to squeeze in some agricultural photography too. My brother's rabbit business is getting off of the ground. The first batch of bunnies was hopping around and there will soon be more. My brothers' were also plotting their garden. I look forward to visiting later in the season. 

The first two litters of rabbits. 

The adult male rabbit. 

Planning the garden.