Friday, December 5, 2014

The Stengers

The Stengers are another farming family that I have been photographing as part of my thesis. John Stenger owns several farms in Harrison County, WV, where he raises cattle, sheep, and a few goats. John has been farming for around 40 years.

John Stenger rakes hay on his farm in Harrison Co., WV.

A calf lies dead on the Stenger farm. The vet suspected a bacterial infection. 

Zula Stenger demonstrates FaceTime to her father, John. 

John cuts down a tree, which is destined to be part of the house he is building on the farm. 

Sheep, after being weighed. 

Zula pets one of her favorite goats. 

Blood spurts from a goat's head, after its horns were sawed off. The removal was necessary, as its head kept getting stuck in the fence.

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